Charcuterie Made Simple

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Charcuterie Boards offer a flexible, adaptable and easy solution for any entertaining. While it may sound fancy, charcuterie boards are actually just platters of meat, cheese and cold hors d’oeuvres. There is something for everyone, and it allows for multitudes of flavor & texture combinations. Not sure how to build the perfect board? Follow this…

The Cocoa Couple

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When Lisa Witzke attended a Tasting Party at a friend’s house, she never thought she would walk away about to start her own business and having just met her future husband, Scott Witzke, a Curator with THE COCOA EXCHANGE®. Like any good businessperson, Scott followed up with Lisa after the Tasting Party to invite her…
Bowl of salsa

New Product Rundown

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If you ask any of one of THE COCOA EXCHANGE® Chefs, we’ll all tell you that two of our favorite activities are developing new products and sharing them with all of you. Well, the first part is done. Here comes the second. We’re thrilled to launch our newest products, guaranteed to make your life not…
Shrimp Tacos

The Tacos Of Summer

A bit of heat, a LOT of flavor – that’s what we look for in a good taco. Check out our round-up of recipes perfect for the long, hot days of summer. Sweet Potato, Avocado, and Black Bean Tacos It’s rare to come across a meatless taco that is as substantial as its carnivorous cousin,…
Game Day Meatballs

Food Hacks: 5 Ways To Use POD & BEAN™ Blackberry Chipotle Sauce

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Pick up the unassumingly elegant bottle of POD & BEAN™ Blackberry Chipotle Sauce – you may not know it, but you’re holding a culinary powerhouse in your hands. Taste it and you’ll notice fresh, sun-ripened blackberries, chipotle peppers, and the depth of dark chocolate to balance it all out. This sauce tackles sweet & savory,…

The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow (For Food)

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Chronically hungry, or just a big fan of food? Here’s five of the most delectable Instagram accounts to follow: Jason Moody (@moodyfoodyadventures) — this NYC-based actor, photographer and serial traveler is serious about food — you won’t find any mediocre entries on this list! Inspiralized (@inspiralized) — on the spiralized trend? Follow this account for…

Meet Chef Shane

Chef Shane graduated Magna Cum Laude from Johnson & Wales University. After interning at Michelin-starred restaurant Historisches Gasthaus Sanct Peter, Shane traveled extensively, studying pastry and how to combine sweet and savory flavors in food. His favorite product at THE COCOA EXCHANGE™ is the Green Chili Hot Sauce.  Give it a taste! Be sure to…

Meet Chef Kirk

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Chef Kirk holds a degree from the Culinary Institute of America. After school, Chef spent 4 years mastering Japanese cuisine at Chez Wada in Japan. He has traveled extensively, immersing himself in different regional food cultures, and he holds 3 US patents for chocolate design. His favorite product at THE COCOA EXCHANGE™ is the Aztec…

Snacks on the Go

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Life is busy — we’re always on the move while we head to work, appointments, games, and errands. With all of the rush, maintaining healthy eating habits can be tricky.  While we may not be able to sit down and eat a full meal as often as we’d like, we can do our best to…