Five Mindblowing Ways To Use Brownie Mix


We’ve never met a brownie we didn’t like – it’s just DOVE® Signature Truffle Fudge Brownies contain nearly ½ lb. of real DOVE® chocolate, so they just happen to be better than the rest. That natural superiority lends itself well to other recipes, so we set out into the kitchen with our Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix and our basic recipe to see what we could try.

Cocoa Nib Peanut Butter Brownies

The undisputed bake sale winner! Mix together ¾ cup of peanut butter with ¼ cup of softened butter and spread onto a batch of baked and cooled DOVE® Signature Truffle Fudge Brownies. Sprinkle on 2 Tbsp. of PURE DARK® Chocolate Nibs for a beyond boxed mix experience.

Brownie Cookies

Prep DOVE® Signature Truffle Fudge Brownie mix per instructions. Instead of pouring into a pan, drop mix in 1 Tbsp. scoops onto a sheet tray sprayed with oil and bake until set.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Bake up a batch of DOVE® Signature Truffle Fudge Brownies according to the package directions and allow to cool, then cut into squares. Drop 1 small scoop of ice cream onto a brownie, cover with a second brownie, and serve immediately. Pro tip: dip the sides in PURE DARK® Chocolate Nibs for a grown-up version of a chocolate chip studded cookie sandwich.

Yin & Yang: When Blondie Met Brownie

Prepare one bag of DOVE® Signature Truffle Fudge Brownies and one bag of DOVE® Signature White Chocolate Blondie mix. Pour both mixes into a 10-inch square baking pan sprayed with oil. Bake until the center is set and toothpick comes out clean.

Brownie Batter Waffles

This dish is a brunch hit — prep DOVE® Signature Truffle Fudge Brownies as per instructions and add ¼ to ½ cup water or milk to thin the mix out. Place a small scoop in your favorite waffle make and cook until set.


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So curious to try these out! I actually already tried out the brownie cookies once and they were delicious, can’t wait to make the rest of these ideas!


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