Making the Most of Leftovers

We know we said the day-of spread was our favorite part of the holiday, but we weren’t being completely honest. It’s true – next-day leftovers hold a very special place in our hearts.

But for some, leftovers can be daunting! They take up space in your fridge and make you feel like time is running out to make the most out of what couldn’t be finished the day before. And you’re not alone – even our three classically-trained Chefs know the feeling.

That’s why they’re here to help you clean out your fridge in delicious fashion with these simple recipes to keep the holiday spirit at a high.

Bring them to breakfast

  1. Gather your leftovers and your family to make their own mini breakfast egg cups! Individual egg cups are a great way to bring everyone together in the kitchen to mix and match what flavors they want to add to their morning.
  2. Try a Thanksgiving Benedict. Make your stuffing into patties, fry up an egg and your leftovers will do the rest. With biscuits, gravy and cranberry involved, this classic breakfast will never be the same!
  3. Forget putting away your leftovers – turn them into tomorrow’s breakfast and save room in your fridge for dessert! Prep this leftover breakfast bake on Thanksgiving night (aka add all of your leftovers to a casserole dish, add some seasonings and pour eggs over top) and you’ll have brunch ready to go in the morning. Plus, the bread will have plenty of time to soak up all of the delicious flavors overnight!

Finish ’em off at lunch

  1. Make a simple pizza to fortify you before or after Black Friday shopping.Turkey, stuffing, gravy and Blackberry Chipotle Sauce are an amazing combination, but turn all of that into a pizza and you’ve got an unstoppable force of flavor.
  2. Stay warm in the late-November chill with this savory Sweet Potato and Dumpling Soup. That final touch of Aztec Spice Slab over top will make you wishing you could have leftovers every day!

Still going? End your day with dessert

  1. Half cake. Half pie. Fully delicious (and unique!). This beautiful Frankenstein of a dessert combines all of your favorite pies into one incredible creation. If you weren’t unbuttoning your pants after your Thanksgiving meal, you will be after this!
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