New Product Rundown


If you ask any of one of THE COCOA EXCHANGE® Chefs, we’ll all tell you that two of our favorite activities are developing new products and sharing them with all of you. Well, the first part is done.

Here comes the second.

We’re thrilled to launch our newest products, guaranteed to make your life not only a little easier but also a lot more flavorful. To help you maximize the impact these products have in your kitchen, we’ve broken down each flavor and usage right here.


Caramelized Nibs

Nibs are a great addition to yogurt, salad, desserts, soups and so much more, but our new Caramelized Nibs take it one step further. Perfect for anyone who loves to add crunch to their meals but don’t want a chocolate-covered snack, Caramelized Nibs are slow-roasted in a hot copper pan. What does that mean for you? Crunchy, toasted cocoa nibs that are equal parts savory and sweet. Add them to your pepper mill for an elevated taste to any dish.

Caramelized Cashews and Nibs

Snacking will never feel the same once you’ve had a handful of our Caramelized Cashews and Nibs. Slow roasted in the same process as our Caramelized Nibs and Cocoa Roasted Pepitas, this product is your solution to that 3pm hunger kick and also livening up your morning oatmeal. Eaten whole, crushed or dusted, Caramelized Cashews and Nibs are versatile meal makers.


Roasted Pineapple and Pepper Chutney

Bring the fresh taste of summer directly to your kitchen with Roasted Pineapple and Pepper Chutney. Great as a topper on brie cheese, a mix-in for fried rice or a finishing glaze on shrimp or chicken, this chutney will be the product you consistently reach for again and again.

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Even salsa traditionalists will want to grab a jar of our new Black Bean and Corn Salsa. A creative twist on salsa with hearty black beans, sweet roasted corn and spicy poblano peppers, this product will transform a standard dish into something really special. Great in Mexican dishes, mixed with cheese for a delicious queso dip or served on its own with a basket of chips, there’s no better way to upgrade your menus.

Honey Sesame Sauce

Inspired by Asian cuisine, this sweet and sticky sauce brings powerful sesame flavor right to your kitchen. Not only is it great in a classic honey sesame chicken dish, but it’s also a jack of all trades – add it to a stir fry, coat ribs before grilling or slather on salmon to build a vibrant flavor profile on any appetizer or main dish. One sauce with so many uses? You better believe it.

Cherry Habanero Sauce

What do you get when you combine tart cherry, sweet pomegranate, spicy habanero peppers and white chocolate? A world-class finishing sauce that is just as good on ice cream as it is on pork chops. Serve it over cream cheese for an easy snack or pour on roasted chicken for an elevated everyday meal. Thanks to this sauce, you can buy one product for dinner and have it transition into dessert.

Raspberry Amaretto Preserves

We know this product makes a fantastic topping for scones and muffins, but it also turns a chocolate cake into a culinary masterpiece. Smooth amaretto, sweet raspberry and decadent, silky smooth DOVE® dark chocolate team up to add depth and elegance to cakes, brownies, cocktails, breakfasts and so much more.


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