Summer Meals In A Bowl

Who wouldn’t want fewer dishes at the end of the day? Piling food high in a single bowl cuts down on the kitchen fussiness while allowing flavors to interact more with every bite. Bowl food sits apart from salad in that it usually starts with a grain base like rice or quinoa, then gets heaped with fillings from protein to veggies and delicate sauces. We rounded up some of our favorite bowl recipes and brought in our own cocoa-infused ingredients to create a taste powerhouse.

Burrito Bowls
Call it deconstructed, call it naked – we took the burrito out of the tortilla and piled it high in a bowl for a full-on meal. Our recipe builds on the naturally complex flavors of the layers by adding POD & BEAN™ Sweet & Spicy Cocoa Rub and Roasted Chipotle Salsa.

Couscous Bowl
We started this bowl with a fluffy couscous base, then added fresh herbs and vegetables to add a filling lift.  Quick marinating the onions, carrots and olives before tossing them together with POD & BEAN™ Moroccan Mint Seasoning adds a bright and clean citrus flavor to this salad.


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