Summer Soups

Garden overflowing? Pair up those extra seasonal vegetables with cocoa for a meat-free summer treat.

You know you’ve achieved peak summer when the heat’s just too high for big meals. An abundance of in-season produce and simple prep make these meat-free soups a perfect summer choice when the heat is on.

Roasted Cauliflower Soup
Cauliflower is such a mild vegetable it can be difficult to save from being bland – but we’ve got the secret. It takes an extra step, but roasting the cauliflower in this soup deepens the flavor and echoes the caramelized notes in the cocoa. We spiced ours up with POD & BEAN™ Caribbean Seasoning Blend and paired it with the rich flavor of sautéed onions for a soup with a flavorful punch.

Carrot & Leek Soup
Carrots, sweet onions, and leeks make the perfect seasonal pairing in this simple and satisfying soup. POD & BEAN™ Stone Ground Mustard plays opposite the tender sweetness of simmered vegetables, adding a deeper, smoky note perfect for a summer evening. We added sour cream to balance out the flavor profile here, offering a bit of a tangy bite on top of the lush flavors. To keep this recipe truly meat-free, use vegetable broth as the base.


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