Taste of the Month: January

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With a new year comes new recipes! Kick off 2021 with classic comfort food and some lighter favorites — everything you need to start the year with some flavor is right here!

Hearty Beef Stew with Sweet Potatoes

  • Products: DOVE® Signature Chef Select Dark Chocolate Bars, POD & BEAN® Chocolate Coffee
  • When to serve: When you need a warm bowl of comfort, this is your first stop. Filled with hearty vegetables and full of flavor, this stew will do the trick for any wintry night. We know coffee and chocolate doesn’t seem to fit in a savory recipe like this, but trust us — once you add these in, you’ll never go back to boring.

One Pan Spicy Shrimp with Rice

  • Product: POD & BEAN® Green Chili Hot Sauce and POD & BEAN® Taco Starter Sauce
  • When to serve: When you need something quick and something light, you’ll find yourself going back to this simple recipe time and time again. Pro tip: keep a bag of frozen shrimp in your freezer and some rice in your pantry and you’ll never be without a delicious dinner!

Chicken Pot Pie Soup

  • Product: POD & BEAN® Garden Herb Blend
  • When to serve: Chicken Pot Pie lovers, rejoice! This simple soup is a twist on the traditional dish with half the effort – no finnicky pie crust to deal with makes this a simpler, lighter choice for a weeknight dinner.

One Pan Apple Cider Chicken

  • Product: POD & BEAN® Everyday Blend
  • When to serve: Want to impress without breaking a sweat? Make this — not only is it delicious, but the presentation is also beautiful! The tangy apple cider will bring out the best in your savory chicken, so make sure you bookmark this recipe and prepare to share it with everyone you know.
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