Taste of the Month: July

Get the latest from our classically trained Chefs, plus how and when to feature these delicious recipes in our Taste of the Month. Check back each month for a serving of everything fresh!


Summer Veggie Pasta

  • Products: POD & BEAN® Garden Herb Blend and POD & BEAN® White Chocolate Raspberry Honey Mustard.
  • When to serve: This simple pasta is the epitome of bright summer food and is absolutely packed with fresh veggies. Serve it as a side at your Fourth of July barbecue or let it take center stage as the main course when you get especially nice weeknight weather.

Tortilla Crusted Chicken Tenders

  • Product: POD & BEAN® Mexican Seasoning Blend
  • When to serve: Chips and salsa are a great snack to have at any outdoor gathering, but what happens when you have leftover chips after the party ends? If your answer is “let them go stale before we finish them all”, then we have a solution for you: turn them into a crispy crust for chicken fingers! This dish is a super simple and super delicious way to turn leftovers into something special.

Cherry Habanero Grilled Pears

  • Product: POD & BEAN® Cherry Habanero Sauce
  • When to serve: If you look up “versatile” in the dictionary, you’ll find a small picture of this recipe. Not only are grilled pears a unique and tangy appetizer, but they also double as a fruity yet savory dessert! Serve these at the beginning or the end of a meal and you’ll have guests begging for the recipe regardless.

Stuffed Zucchini Boats

  • Product: POD & BEAN® Garden Herb Blend
  • When to serve: Zucchini boats are a great healthy option for lunch, dinner or even entertaining. Plus, even though the recipe calls for specific vegetables, you can add almost anything you have on hand to mix it up (even a protein, like cooked ground turkey)!
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