Taste of the Month: May

Get the latest from our classically trained Chefs, plus how and when to feature these delicious recipes in our Taste of the Month. Check back each month for a serving of everything fresh!


Honey Mustard Chicken Wings

  • Product: POD & BEAN® White Chocolate Raspberry Honey Mustard
  • When to serve: Sick of the same old proteins? Try a different cut, like chicken wings instead of breasts, to mix it up. Plus, this simple wing recipe is just 5 ingredients and 3 steps!

Blackberry Chipotle Lettuce Wraps

  • Product: POD & BEAN® Blackberry Chipotle Sauce
  • When to serve: When you’re home all day, it’s easy to find yourself grazing the kitchen more often than you normally would. Next time you find yourself in front of your fridge, whip up this easy lettuce wrap for a healthier alternative to snack foods (or a delicious lunch!).

Roasted Pineapple Coleslaw

  • Product: POD & BEAN® Roasted Pineapple & Pepper Chutney
  • When to serve: We love this dish because it goes on EVERYTHING. Seriously. Put it on a sandwich for an added crunch, serve it next to chicken with dinner or even fold it into a taco. It’s so versatile and so good that it would be easier to tell you the only occasion we can think of not to serve: with your morning cereal (although, who are we to judge?).
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