The Cocoa Couple


When Lisa Witzke attended a Tasting Party at a friend’s house, she never thought she would walk away about to start her own business and having just met her future husband, Scott Witzke, a Curator with THE COCOA EXCHANGE®.

Like any good businessperson, Scott followed up with Lisa after the Tasting Party to invite her to an event focused on sharing what his business could offer her. “To be transparent, I agreed to go because I wanted to see him again,” she said. It was one of the best decisions she ever made.

Lisa and Scott Witzke are a couple brought closer together by their love for chocolate and their passion for entrepreneurship. “As a Founding Curator, I work at my own pace. My son works with me at events, giving us time together and I met my wife at a Tasting Party,” said Scott. “The center of my business is love – the memories created together is the most important gift.”

Scott initially became a Curator for extra cash during a poor economy, while Lisa got involved to complete a fundraiser for a friend battling breast cancer. Yet no matter the reason for starting, the reason for staying remains the same: this business is simply life-changing. “There are tangible things like additional income and earning travel, but it’s truly the intangible, life-changing experiences that stretch and grow you that are the real gift,” said Lisa.

Marriage, two businesses and five free vacations later (one which ended in a proposal!), this team will only continue to build on the joyful experiences they’ve already shared.


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