The Tacos Of Summer

A bit of heat, a LOT of flavor – that’s what we look for in a good taco. Check out our round-up of recipes perfect for the long, hot days of summer.

Sweet Potato, Avocado, and Black Bean Tacos
It’s rare to come across a meatless taco that is as substantial as its carnivorous cousin, still rarer to come across one that tastes really, really good – but this taco passes with flying colors. The secret taste weapon here is the POD & BEAN™ Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce and Mexican Seasoning Blend, plus roasting the sweet potatoes with a little Pod & Bean™ Sweet & Spicy Cocoa Rub for the perfect kick.

Grilled Fish Tacos
Flaky fish like cod or mahi mahi give this taco the perfect texture. We whipped up a marinade containing POD & BEAN™ Mexican Seasoning Blend and let our fish soak it all in before transferring to a hot grill. The fish is the ultimate vector for flavors, so along with the standard fare we garnished our tacos with POD & BEAN™ Green Chili Hot Sauce for a delicious, moderately warm finish.

BBQ Grilled Shrimp Tacos
Shrimp are simply rewarding shellfish to prepare — just thread the delicate curls onto a skewer, pop onto a hot grill, and you’ve got succulent pink treats in literal minutes. We created a pre-taco marinade for our shrimp which combines POD & BEAN™ Sweet & Spicy Cocoa Rub and Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce to create craveable summer flavor.

Chipotle Chicken Tacos
We hit up the stovetop for this traditional pulled chicken style event. Toasting the POD & BEAN™ Sweet & Spicy Cocoa Rub for a minute before adding POD & BEAN™ Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce and pre-cooked chicken brings an extra level of flavor without adding complicated instructions. Dropping in chopped PURE DARK ® Sea Salt Rounds brings in a deep earthiness, creating straight-up all-day flavor without the commitment.


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