Three Dips To Top Up Your Summer Table

There’s a time for dips – this is it.

When things heat up, light bites and quick meals are the way to go – we’ve dressed up some of our favorite accompaniments with the power of cocoa.

Chocolate Chipotle Aioli
This Mediterranean-inspired dip goes beyond the traditional garlic & olive oil combo. We added POD & BEAN™ Sweet & Spicy Cocoa Rub to create a deep base of flavor, then spiked it with just enough POD & BEAN™ Chipotle Hot Sauce to balance out the creamy mayonnaise for a touch of heat. The result is a dip that comes together in minutes with just three ingredients and is anything but boring. For the best flavor results, adjust the amount of Chipotle Hot Sauce to taste.

Seasoning Blend Hummus
We used a pressure cooker to get our hummus done in minutes – it eliminates the need to cook the chickpeas – but even if you don’t have one this recipe comes together easily. We amped up this traditional hummus recipe by adding a POD & BEAN™ Seasoning Blend to our homemade tahini sauce, and mirroring the flavor by sprinkling more on just before serving to add the smoky depth of cocoa. The best part – this recipe is super-customizable with any POD & BEAN™ Seasoning Blend in the mix.

Mango Salsa
Nothing quite embodies the flavors of summer like a ripe mango; pairing this tropical fruit with cocoa is a natural way to cut through the citrusy brightness and adds a deeper flavor to a colorful top note. We added POD & BEAN™ Mexican Seasoning Blend to take the work out of getting the spices right, and then created a richer flavor by adding PURE DARK® Sea Salt Rounds. This salsa comes together in minutes, so make it a few hours in advance and let it chill in the fridge to get the best flavor.


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