Time To Grill: Our Best BBQ Roundup


There’s nothing that symbolizes the heavenly flavors of summer better than grilling. We pulled together our top cocoa-infused favorites in a round-up guaranteed to have you heading straight for the coals.

Kansas City BBQ Shrimp Skewers
Shrimp are an incredibly simple, incredibly grill-able path for flavor. We seasoned ours up with POD & BEAN™ Sweet & Spicy Cocoa Rub and then brushed on POD & BEAN™ Kansas City BBQ Sauce while they grilled. Work fast – shrimp cook in just 2-3 minutes per side, which gives enough time for flavor to develop without charring the natural sugars in the BBQ sauce.

Kansas City BBQ Ribs
Whatever camp you’re in when it comes to ribs, these Kansas City-style goodies start in the oven and then finish on the grill while being basted with POD & BEAN™ Kansas City BBQ Sauce. Rubbing the rack with POD & BEAN™ Sweet & Spicy Cocoa Rub infuses a smoky, earthy flavor to create a perfect match for the tang of the grill.

Grilled Corn
Popping veggies on the grill does more than get them to the table quickly, the grilling process brings out the natural sugars and adds a smoky flavor to create a more complex taste and texture. Our grilled corn recipe is reminiscent of street corn, getting a deep earthiness from POD & BEAN™ Sweet & Spicy Cocoa Rub or Mexican Seasoning Blend before hitting the grill grate. We finished it off with a bit of cotija cheese for an authentic flavor pairing perfect for summer.


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