Chocolate and wine? Yes, please.


So for the chocolate lovers out there who have an appreciation for a refreshing glass of wine… this one’s for you!

Like chocolate, wine offers many great qualities to explore and love. In order to gain a true appreciation of all the beautiful nuances, you’ll need to fine tune your sensory skills and pay closer attention to the appearance, the scents, the flavors on your palate and even the lasting taste you experience.

We’ve offered up a few tips for tasting and pairing wine with our favourite complex flavour — chocolate.

  1. Avoid high tannin wines.
    Chocolate and wine can pair well…or pair badly… depending on the type of grape, flavor notes, and tannin content of the wine. High tannin wines compete strongly with the chocolate flavor, so look for wines lower in tannin content!
  2. Experiment.
    Everyone has unique flavor preferences. So embrace your own unique preferences and try new, different combinations… you might discover your new favorite! Plus, the more you explore, the more you learn.
  3. Have fun.
    Everything is more fun with friends! Chocolate and wine tastings are on trend, so gather the gang and share the experience together.




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